Undergraduate TESOL Certificate

To receive the undergraduate Certificate in TESOL, students must complete the following eighteen units of required coursework:

Course Requirements

Course Semester units
Ling 101: Introduction to Linguistics 3 units
Ling 107: Patterns of English 3 units
LLD 108: Intro to Second Language Development Teaching 3 units
Ling 166: Sociolinguistics 3 units
2 Electives approved by the TESOL Coordinator 6 units
  18 units

Any matriculated upper division student may pursue this certificate. Students must maintain a 3.0 minimum GPA throughout the program and in the 18 certificate units.

Please note: You must apply for this certificate prior to graduation. You will need to complete the Basic Certificate Audit Form to apply for the undergraduate certificate. Please meet with the TESOL Coordinator before completing this form.