Core General Education Courses

Core GE Area A3 Basic Skills: Critical Thinking

LING 21: Language and Thinking

Exploring systems of language and logic in oral and written discourse, with a focus on the role of the shared cultural assumptions, language style and the media of presentation in shaping the form and content of argumentation. 3 units

Core GE Area D1 Human Behavior

LING 20: The Nature of Language

Introduction to the nature of language as a social institution and practice in observing language structure and use in local communities. 3 units

Core GE Area A3 Basic Skills: Critical Thinking OR D1 Human Behavior

LING 24: Language Variation in Space, Time, & Culture

Exploring the diverse structural patterns and social functions found in English; analyzing the social, cultural, political, historical, and technological factors underlying language change; developing critical thinking and effective argumentation in writing. 3 units

CORE GE Area E: Human Understanding and Development

LING 22: Language Across the Lifespan

Introduction to what is known about how people successfully learn second languages, with a focus on physiological, psychological, socio-cultural and linguistic factors that affect second language acquisition and on skills and strategies that promote language learning across the lifespan. 3 units