Teaching Associates

LLD TAships are currently on hold due to budget constraints.

Each year, the Department of Linguistics and Language Development offers a limited number of fall-semester only teaching associateships (TA) to students enrolled in the M.A. TESOL program. A teaching associate in LLD teaches on section of LLD 98/99: Grammar for Writers, a writing proficiency course, during the fall semester. Duties of the TA include: devloping a course syllabus or greensheet, delivering three hours of class per week over a fifteen-week semester, holding office hours, attending required meetings, meeting regularly with the Academic English Coordinator, and participating in the commong final. Requirements for the position of LLD TA include the following:

  • Must be currently enrolled, classified (as opposed to conditionally classified), and in good standing in the MA TESOL program
  • Must have completed LLD 182: Tutorial Practicum and have tutored in the Language Development Center for at least one semester;
  • Must have completed or be currently enrolled in LLD 282: Practicum in TESOL, or have had prior experience teaching developmental reading and writing.

An LLD TA receives a fall stipend for teaching one course.

Applications for Fall 2010 upcoming.

TA application forms may also be picked up in the LLD office, Clark Hall, Room 473.