Math Ed Requirements for Middle School Teachers

Requirements for Introductory Mathematics Subject Matter Authorization to Teach Middle School Mathematics

Introductory Mathematics: algebra - advanced algebra - geometry - probability or statistics - development of the real number system or introduction to mathematics course work must be college level mathematics or higher. Algebra courses must be for credit, applicable towards a degree, and, if completed at the community college level, transferable to a four-year institution to be acceptable. Elementary algebra courses may or may not meet these requirements. If trying to use an elementary algebra course, a course description will need to be submitted to verify the acceptability. Since both algebra and advanced algebra is required, there are several options available to meet both areas. The requirement is algebra content at two different levels. an individual completes a college algebra course, the "advanced" course may be another level of algebra such as linear algebra. An individual may not use another college algebra course, an elementary algebra course, or the same level algebra course completed at another college or university. an individual completes a college or other level algebra course (other than elementary algebra), the "advanced" course may be a "higher" level math course such as trigonometry or calculus. Courses in calculus will clear the specific course requirements (one for each content area being cleared) in algebra, advanced algebra, geometry, and development of the real number system but the applicant must still have the required 32 units. Calculus courses will not clear the probability and statistics content area. For example, an individual with course work in calculus, real number system, and geometry will need to complete a course in either algebra or advanced algebra as the calculus course may be used to cover only one of these areas, a course in probability and statistics, and the additional units to total 32. Personal enrichment-type mathematics courses are not acceptable. One mathematics-based computer course is acceptable as additional units toward the required 32 units. - - Subject Matter Authorization Guideline Book (page 6).