Forms and Documents

Here is a list of forms and documents you may need related to advising. Your advisor will point you to these forms, so it is good to be familiar with them.

Course-related Forms

  • Substitution Form: this is the form you need to change a course for your graduation plan. If you submitted a plan (Major Form, which your advisor has to send), then decide to use a different course, use this form.
  • Course Equivalency Form - Students who took major (math) and support courses (such as physics, computer science, other science, economics) from other institutions should fill out this form to your advisor when you meet with him or her. For reference, here are the Course Equivalencies sorted by school.
  • Prerequisite Map - This shows the relationships between the math courses.

Preapproved Support Courses for BSAM, Concentrations in Applied Mathematics or Statistics

Students in these two degree programs are required to take 4 courses in an applied areas of their choice. Two of these course have to be upper division courses. It is possible to use a sequence of courses different from the ones on the list but prior approval is required. Students should discuss these options with their advisors.

Minor Form

The following form is used for getting a math minor.

Major Form

The Major Form is something you fill out with your advisor and submitted by your advisor, so you will not need to download it. When you are ready to graduate, your advisor will ask you to fill out this form while you do online graduation. This form then becomes your "graduation plan" for the major. If you change your minds about this form, that's when you do a substitution form (see above)