Course Announcements

Spring 2021

We opened new sections of Calculus 1, 3, Business Calculus and Discrete.  We expect them to be visible by Tuesday, Jan 18.  Please check MySJSU for open sections. - 2021.Jan.18

AY 2020 - 2021

There have been many changes in university practices to ensure the safety of the SJSU community.  One big change is the move to online education.  Some past procedures are not practical for our current conditions.  Some new practices for 2020-2021 are explained below. 


MySJSU is checking prerequisites for some of our courses, in particular, Math 30, 30X, 31, 31X, 32, 32X, 33A, 33LA, 39, 42, 42X, 71, 71X, 105, 106, 161A.  If you took the prerequisite at another institution and your grades have not been posted on MySJSU, please send your transcript to along with the following information:



Student ID number

The Math course you are trying to add

Best way to reach you (email is preferred)


If you need to show proof of prerequisite for a course not listed above, please send it to the instructor or attach it to the form below.


Attending Class

You must attend class.  You may be able to access the Canvas pages of some classes.  If so, you should be able to find the zoom link for the first day of instruction.  If not, please contact the instructor via email for the zoom link information. 



Important Deadlines

Please consult the registration calendar to find important dates such as the advanced registration period, last day to drop,  date when the open enrollment petition is avialable.



Repeating Courses

Students who are repeating a course for the first time can enroll towards the end of the Advanced Enrollment period.  Please consult the registration calendar to find the date when first time repeaters can register.

If this will be more than your 2nd time taking the course, you will need to attend the first day of  class to ask the instructor for an add code, aslo called a permission number.  You will also need to submit a Petition to Repeat a Course (from AARS). For the petition, you will need to get your instructor's signature.  The Associate Dean of the College of Science signs for the chair and her email is