Workshop Opt-Out Information

About Opting-Out of Workshops

Calculus Workshops for Math 19, 30, 30P, 31 and 71 are required co-Requisites, which means, in order to enroll in the class, you must also enroll in the workshop. If you are unable to take the workshop because of your schedule or because it puts you over your maximum unit cap, you may opt-out of the workshop.

Before submitting an Opt-Out Request, please read the Math Department Workshops page for more information.

How do I opt-out of a workshop?

We will update our home page with the google form.  Online opt-out form is now closed. 

One submission per student using your SJSU email address. 

What if I am repeating the class?

Repeating students are eligible to enroll during the last two weeks of Advance Registration and can complete the Enrollment and Opt Out form at that time.