Bradley Jackson

Bradley Jackson

Professor Bradley Jackson

MacQuarrie Hall, Room 316
Phone: (408)924-5129


Research Areas

  • Graphy Theory
  • Combinatorics
  • Analysis of Algorithms


I was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon. I received a BA in Math from the University of Oregon in 1972, an MA in Math from the University of Maryland in 1974, and a PhD in Math from the University of Maryland in 1977. I taught for 3 years at Penn State University and 3 years at UC, Santa Cruz before coming to San Jose State in Fall 1983. My main research interests are graph theory, combinatorics, combinatorial optimization and algorithms. I also helped start a juggling club at San Jose State in Spring 1984. The juggling club has been meeting once a week since then. All San Jose State students, staff, and faculty are invited to attend juggling club meetings and we are always glad to give free juggling lessons to anyone interested.