Undergraduate Programs

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BA Mathematics

The BA Mathematics is recommended for students who enjoy problem solving and would like to apply problem solving skills along with communication and analyzing skills in a future career. This degree also provides an excellent background for graduate work in mathematics and other disciplines including law and medicine as well as engineering and science. (Catalog: BA Mathematics)

BA Mathematics, Preparation for Teaching 

This major is designed for students interested in teaching mathematics in high school or middle school. The following course work satisfies San José State University's requirements for a BA in Mathematics. The BA- Mathematics Preparation for Teaching is approved as subject matter preparation for a single subject credential by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC). Those who do not wish to complete one of the degree programs or individuals seeking a single subject credential in subject areas not listed must pass all portions of the appropriate Commission-approved subject matter examination(s). (Catalog: BA Mathematics, Integrated Teaching)

BS Applied Mathematics, Concentration in Applied and Computational Mathematics

This degree is recommended for students who wish to work in the research and development area of industry. This program also prepares a student for graduate study in applied mathematics, numerical analysis, or operations research. The concentration in applied and computational mathematics provides a solid foundation in classical applied mathematics as well as computational mathematics, which could be informally described as "how to employ mathematics on computers wisely." A graduate could seek direct employment assisting a group of scientists with the formulation and solution of problems. There is a great need in local and national technical industries for people with sufficiently strong mathematical knowledge to participate on such teams. For example, modern techniques for solving partial differential equations are very sophisticated; the best method in a given situation depends on the properties of the model. Once a numerical approximation has been formulated, the techniques to solve that, and the commercial software available to do it, again require informed decisions. (Catalog: BS Applied Mathematics, Concentration in Applied and Computational Mathematics)

BS Applied Mathematics, Concentration in Economics and Actuarial Science

This program is designed for students who want to become actuaries and for students who want a program that integrates business, economics, and mathematics. Actuaries are trained to analyze risk and are typically employed by insurance companies, banks, the government, and companies that handle retirement funds. Note:  Admission to this program is closed at this time.  Students who are interested in this career path are invited to pursue our Statistics concentration and take Economics and Business courses.  Certification as an actuary requires the Actuarial Exams as well as VEE (Validation by Educational Experience) coursework.   A list of VEE SJSU courses can be found at the Society of Actuaries website.  Statistics courses that were required for the Actuarial Science concentration may also be taken as part of the Statistics Concentration.  For more information regarding Actuarial Science, go to beanactuary.org.

BS Applied Mathematics, Concentration in Statistics

This degree program is recommended for students who wish to pursue a career in statistics. This program also prepares a student for graduate study in probability and statistics.

The concentration in statistics is appropriate for students pursuing a career involving the collection and analysis of numerical data, the use of statistical techniques to predict population growth or economic conditions, the use of statistics to analyze medical, environmental, legal and social problems, or to help business managers make decisions and carry out quality control. The statistics concentration also provides a solid foundation for students who plan to become actuaries. (Catalog: BS Applied Mathematics, Concentration in Statistics)  (Pre-Approved Support Courses for the BS Applied Math Concentration in Statistics)

Mathematics Minors

For all Questions Regarding Math Minors, Please Refer to Prof.  Marilyn Blockus. There are three minors in mathematics:

Change of Major

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