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The Future of Transportation

ME Goes to Ansys Conference

Spartan Racing's 2016 Is a Wrap!

News Spot on Spartan Superway


  (7/30/15) Spartan Racing takes First Place


(7/30/14) ME Lecturer Mokri Publishes articles in Solar Industry Magazine
(5/27/14) Formula SAE Competition Update

(5/21/14) Spartan Superway Model at Maker Fair

(4/29/14) ME/EE Students travel to NASA for Zero Gravity Program

(4/7/14)  ME Student Success at Regional ASME Competition

(4/1/14)  Franco Receives NSF Graduate Fellowship

(1/17/14)  ANSYS Donates $268K of Software

(1/10/14) Patel Inducted into SV Hall of Fame

(1/1/14) Rogacs Earns PhD in ME from Stanford University

(1/1/14) Dr. Lee Develops Novel Display Technology


(12/1/13) Dr. Okamoto receives grant from CA Energy Commission

(8/31/13) Franco Receives Tau Beta Pi Scholarship

(6/25/13) Victory for Formula SAE

(6/2/13)  Senior Project Team Wins ASHRAE Competition

(4/29/13) Patadiya Wins District D ASME Oral Guard

(4/29/13) Spartan Racing charges towards 2013 races

(4/29/13)  SJSU students thrive at ASME-SPDC competition

(4/1/13)  Dr. Yee visits Hong Kong University

(3/30/13)  Herrera and Alhumada receive 2013 NSF Graduate Fellowships

(2/18/13)  New Dean of Engineering Named

(2/15/13) MAE students Franco and Ruth selected as 2013-2014 Salzburg Scholars


(8/27/12)  Spartans at Work Series:  ME exchange student Marc Gagnon at Tesla

(8/23/12)  AE Students launch Cube Satellite

(7/20/12)  Spartans at Work Series:  AE grad Ali Guarneros Luna at NASA Ames

(6/11/12)  Spartans at Work Series:  ME grad Randy Floresca at General Motors

(4/29/12)  ME students' spherical drive motorcycle wins regional ASME Competition

(4/24/12)  AE Students Score First Place at Design/Build/Fly Competition

(4/23/12)  ME student Killol Achayra named SJSU Outstanding Graduating Senior

(2/13/12)  Professor Rhee presents ZEM House at International Exhibition

(1/23/12)  Professor Du and her student team develop multi-finger robot for pipe inspections


(9/2011)  ME grad Randy Floresca receives Rumbaugh Award

(6/10/11)  Robotics Club Shares Enthusiasm For Mechatronics

(5/16/11)  Society of Automotive Engineers Revs Up for Spring 2011 Competitions

(4/10/11)  Multidisciplinary Team Builds Zero Emissions House


(8/31/12)  High-Octane Ingenuity