Undergraduate Advising

Fall 2021 Advising

Welcome to Fall 2021! 

For the first several days of the semester, BSME advising will be hosted on a drop-in basis, with available hours as follows:

For issues that are not ME-specific, ESSC staff live help at https://www.sjsu.edu/essc/coe-undergraduate-advising/advising/ .

Beginning 8/30, advising visits will be fielded by appointment only, via Spartan Connect at https://sjsu.campus.eab.com/. See below for more information.

Dr. Du's Advising Schedule

Tuesdays 15:00-17:00 (from 8/31 to 11/30): 
https://sjsu.zoom.us/j/87560628703?pwd=RlgzR3dDVzloWnpnQldtZmVwNERZdz09  (passcode: 937032)

Thursdays 13:30-17:30 (from 9/2 to 12/2): 
https://sjsu.zoom.us/j/81034330229?pwd=TnhEUVZlOU9ydURxZGhVSG9SUk1jQT09  (passcode: 984577)

Summer Advising

You can contact an advisor by emailing bsme-advising-group@sjsu.edu. You may also join department chair Dr. Viswanathan's virtual office hours without an appointment. People will be placed in a waiting room and taken first come, first served. You can find the schedule here.

If you are a continuing BS student and still have a major advising hold, please fill out the advising form and email it to the BSME email list prior to coming to the virtual office hours.

Advising Appointments  (during the regular semester)  


If you have already applied for graduation online, you do not need to see an advisor to get your advising hold removed (although you are welcome to do so). It is highly encouraged that you check the "myprogress" option in mysjsu. Make sure that everything that you think has been completed has a green box next to it. The university is using "myprogress" to evaluate you for graduation, so it must be correct.  If you have any doubts, email bsme-advising-group@sjsu.edu. Include your student ID number and list any classes you plan to take in your last semester(s). An advisor will check to make sure you're on track for graduation and can fix errors in myprogress.

All other BSME majors: We are using a program called Spartan Connect to make appointments. Click here to make an appointment during the regular semester.  Sign up for Mechanical Engineering Major Advising. If you cannot make your appointment for any reason, cancel as early as possible! the system will block you from future appointments if you are a no-show twice. 

If you have more than 45 units (including community college): During Fall 2021, you will be seeing Dr. Amirkulova or Dr. Du. Before your appointment, fill out the advising form. After you fill out the form, save the file (do not print it) as a pdf, and email it to your advisor. Check off all courses that are already complete.

If you have 45 or fewer units: Advisors through the Engineering Student Success Center will be taking care of your advising.  ESSC Advising Some of it may be in group advising sessions. Before coming, make a plan for your remaining time at SJSU using MyPlanner. 

If you are not an official BSME major: Click here for information if you would like to change your major to Mechanical Engineering. If you need to see an ME advisor for another reason but are not a declared ME major, you may email an ME major advisor at bsme-advising-group@sjsu.edu

For urgent questions: You can email the ME advisors at  bsme-advising-group@sjsu.edu . If you need to speak with an advisor (rather than emailing) and can't wait for an appointment, you can join the Department Chair's virtual office hours. To lift your major advising hold, though, you will need to make an appointment as noted above.

To apply for graduation

You will be sent directions via email about how to apply online once you are eligible. There are some directions posted here.

If you are returning to SJSU after a long absence, check out the resources that can be found here to apply.

Electives, Equivalency, General Education, and Myprogress Updates

Check out our updated list of technical electives. You need two electives (6 units). Non-ME electives should be approved by an advisor. Typically only one non-ME elective will be approved.

If you have specific questions about General Education classes, it's best to visit the Engineering Student Success Center. Go here if you took a class elsewhere and need to have it approved for equivalency to a technical SJSU class. If your class is already shows up as equivalent on assist.org, you do not need an equivalency form. If your course equivalency request is approved, your myprogress will be updated (but it may take several months).

If you find an error on myprogress, where a class that should be counted as equivalent does not show up, email bsme-advising-group@sjsu.edu. Include your student ID, the original course requirement, and the course that you took. This sometimes is needed for ME 30 or Engr 10 as well as with certain technical electives taken outside the department. You do not need to do this if the course was approved with an equivalency form -- then myprogress will eventually be updated.

 Undergraduate Probation/Disqualification

University Probation/DQ
  • You will be placed on probation with the university if your cumulative GPA in all college work attempted or SJSU coursework falls below a 2.0.
  • Check out the AARS website related to university probation and disqualification to find out the details of the policies.
  • Because ME is impacted (we have more interest from students than we have room), it is very difficult to get readmitted into ME once you have been disqualified from the university. Be proactive so this doesn't happen to you! Contact an advisor by emailing bsme-advising-group@sjsu.edu to discuss readmittance to the major.
  • People on probation with the university have a special "probation hold" on their accounts. You will be contacted by the Engineering  Student Success Center with specific steps that you need to take to remove that probation hold before you can register for classes the following semester. You should also limit the number of units you take to 12 (13 if you have a 4-unit class or a workshop) so that you can focus on improving your GPA.
Major Probation/DQ

You can be placed on major probation through two means:

  1. If your GPA in the courses required for the major falls below a 2.0, you will be placed on major probation. Check out the College of Engineering policy about major probation and disqualification
  2. If you receive lower than a C- in ME 101 Dynamics, you will be placed on probation. If you receive lower than a C- a second time, you will be disqualified from the major. Take advantage of instructor office hours and the workshops to help prevent this from happening.

If you are disqualified from the major, your major will be changed to "Undeclared". We will only entertain requests to get back into ME if something outside your control contributed towards your poor performance, such as a documented medical issue. Our hope is that students can find majors that are good fits with their interests and skills before they get too far into their degree programs.