raghu agarwal

Raghu Agarwal, PhD Texas A&M

Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator
Research Interests:  finite element analysis, computer-aided design
(408) 924-3845 · raghu.agarwal@sjsu.edu · Dr. Agarwal's website

 Dr. Amirkulova

Feruza Amirkulova, PhD Rutgers

Assistant Professor
Research Interests:  Acoustic and elastic wave propagation and
scattering, metamaterials, "invisibilty" cloak, dynamic material
(408) 924-2045 · feruza.amirkulova@sjsu.edu

Ghazanfari photo

Amir Armani, PhD Missouri University of Science and Technology

Assistant Professor
Research Interests:  Design and Optimization, Additive Manufacturing, Structural Ceramics, Functionally Graded Materials, Smart Structures, and Sheet Metal Forming
(408) 924-8354 · amir.armani@sjsu.edu

fred barez

Fred Barez, PhD UC Berkeley, ASME Fellow

Research Interests:  electronics packaging, magnetic recording, fiber optics
(408) 924-4298 · fred.barez@sjsu.edu · Dr. Barez' website


Saeid Bashash, PhD Clemson University

Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Control Systems, Mechatronics, Power and Energy Systems, Internet of Things
(408) 924-8355 · Saeid.Bashash@sjsu.edu     Dr. Bashash's Website

winncy du

Winncy Du, PhD Georgia Tech, PE, ASME Fellow

Research Interests: mechatronics, robotics, machine vision, pattern recognition
(408) 924-3866 · winncy.du@sjsu.edu · Dr. Du's website


 Buff Furman, PhD Stanford, PE

Research Interests:  precision machine design, mechatronic systems, mechanical measurement
(408) 924-3817 · burford.furman@sjsu.edu · Dr. Furman's website

 Crystal Han

Crystal Han, PhD Stanford

Assistant Professor
Research Interests:  Developing microfluidic techniques for bio applications such as 0n-chip diagnosis, rapid sample purification, and microarray

tai-ran hsu

Tai-ran Hsu, PhD McGill University, ASME Fellow

Research Interests:  MEMS design & packaging, thermomechanics, fracture mechanics
(408) 924-3905 · tai-ran.hsu@sjsu.edu · Dr. Hsu's website

farzan kazemifar

Farzan Kazemifar, PhD University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Experimental thermal and fluid sciences, optical and laser-based diagnostic techniques, multiphase flow and transport in porous media, particle-based fluid velocity measurement techniques.
(408) 924-3822 · farzan.kazemifar@sjsu.edu · Dr. Kazemifar's website


John Lee, PhD MIT

Research Interests:  MEMS, microfluidics, microfabrication processes
(408) 924-7167 · sang-joon.lee@sjsu.edu · Dr. Lee's Webpage

nicole okamoto

Nicole Okamoto, PhD University of Illinois

Professor and Department Chair
Research Interests:  heat transfer, HVAC, thermal management of electronic systems
(408) 924-4054 · nicole.okamoto@sjsu.edu · Dr. Okamoto's Webpage

jinny rhee

Jinny Rhee, PhD Stanford

Professor and Associate Dean of Engineering
Research Interests:  renewable energy, energy efficiency, and electronics cooling
(408) 924-3876 · jinny.rhee@sjsu.edu, · Dr. Rhee's website

ali tohidi

Ali Tohidi, PhD Clemson University

Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Fluid and Fire Dynamics, Data-Driven Modeling and Control, High-Performance Scientific Computing (HPSC), Wildland Fires

Raymond Yee - 061520

Raymond Yee, PhD  UC Berkeley, PE

Professor and Associate Dean of Extended Studies
Research Interests:  Mechanical Design, Materials Behavior, Fracture Mechanics, Finite Element Analysis

(408) 924-3935 · raymond.yee@sjsu.edu · Dr. Yee's website


Vimal Viswanathan, PhD  Texas A&M 

Associate Professor 
Reserach Interests: engineering design, new product development, design creativity and innovation, mechatronics systems design
(408) 924-3841 vimal.viswanathan@sjsu.edu Dr. Viswanathan's Website