Eng 123 Machine Shop Hours

Fall 2020

  • Tuesday 10am-4pm
  • Thursday 10am-4pm
  • Friday 10am-7pm

Shop Access

The machine shop is only accessible to students who have building access by way of enrollment in a hybrid class. Additionally, access is only allowed for students who have completed ME 41 Shop Safety or an equivalent course. (Occasionally, students who have gained machine shop experience outside of a course will be approved. If you think that applies to you, email Roger Jue at Roger.Jue@sjsu.edu. He will need to evaluate your skills.)  

Fill out this form to gain shop access. You will be enrolled in a Canvas safety course that you will need to complete before using the shop.

In previous years, we gave out door codes to people who had completed ME 41 and the Canvas safety course. Because fewer people are in the building in case of emergency and because of additional oversight needed due to Covid 19, door codes will not be issued at this point. The names of students approved to use the shop will be given to the shop supervisor. Check in with him when you enter the machine shop.