Faculty Research

Although San Jose State University's primary mission is teaching and education, research in mechanical engineering is a vital part of keeping our programs current and engaging. Our research objective is multifold: to engage in applied research with industry and government collaborators; to involve and educate undergraduate and graduate students in the frontiers of mechanical engineering; and to satisfy the needs of Silicon Valley businesses and industries in this era of rapid technological advances. Potential research sponsors should contact faculty with the relevant expertise directly, or the department chair.

The areas of research undertaken by our faculty are diverse and ever-changing. For the latest information, please go directly to the websites of individual faculty members.

flexible reed display Winncy Du robot model of parabolic trough
Electronic paper display technology developed by Professor John Lee and Zikon, Inc. read more Professor Winncy Du with pipe-inspecting robot.  Developing a reliable way to inspect utility pipes  transporting water, fuel, waste, or cables for damage is critical.  Scaled model of parabolic trough used for solar energy concentration, installed in wind tunnel. A force balance (not shown) is used to measure wind drag forces on the concentrator and supporting structures.
  micro mechanism  

Rack-and-pinion mechanism in SU-8 polymer by ultrathick photolithography. The rack moves linearly in guided channels to turn the pinion. The moving parts were released by dissolving a thinner layer of lift-of-resist underneath the structural SU-8 layer.




Selected Publications since 2015


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Winncy Du, Cardiovascular Disease Diagnosis using Sensor Technologies, International conference on Mechatronics, Materials, and Manufacturing (ICMMM 2015), Paris, France, August 3-4, 2015.

Thermal-Fluids Engineering

Werdowatz, A., Okamoto, N., and Kabbani, H, "Developing an Empirical Correlation for the Thermal Spreading Resistance of a Heat Sink, accepted for Proceedings of Semi-Therm, 2018.

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Control Systems 

Bashash S., “Cost-optimal coordination of interacting HVAC loads in buildings,” ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurements, and Control, 140, pp. 044501-1:4, 2017.

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Mechanical Systems Design

Camburn, B., Viswanathan, V., Linsey, J., Jensen, D., Otto, K. and Wood, K., 2017, “Prototyping: State-of-the-art in Techniques, Methods, and Design Science,” Design Science, 3(13), DOI: 10.1017/dsj.2017.10.

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