Projects are an integral part of our hands-on, applications-oriented, undergraduate and graduate curricula, as well as student clubs.  All undergraduates are required to complete a senior design project as part of their program, and graduate students can choose between the project or thesis options. The project is a culmination experience in our degree programs - all classroom theory gets put into practice at the end of the program of study. If you are interested in sponsoring a project in the ME department, please contact faculty with the required expertise directly, or the department chair.

On going projects

Green Smart Home


 Notable past projects

2013 Formula SAE Race Car

2013 Knee Replacement Testing Device

2013 Solar-powered Portable Freezer

2012 TechEdSat, Cube Satellite from SJSU

2012 Design/Build/Fly Plane

2012 Spherical Drive Motorcycle

2011 SAE Vehicles:  Formula One, Baja Off-Road, Formula Hybrid

2011  Zero-Emissions House

2010 Wind Car

2008 Solar Icemaker

2007 Zero-Emissions Vehicle


Recent Projects

knee CAD

CAD model of knee replacement testing device (courtesy of Harik Patadiya 2013)

fsae unveiling

Unveiling of 2013 Formula SAE race car

freezer closeup

Solar-powered portable freezer, 2013

spherical drive renderingRendering of spherical drive motorcycle (courtesy of Spherical Drive System)