Change of Major

If you are interested in changing your major to Mechanical Engineering, please check out the College change of major process first.

Chances of having your change of major request being approved

The Mechanical Engineering program is impacted, which means that a lot more people have requested this major than we have room to accept. Impaction unfortunately means that there is never a guarantee of acceptance, but the first formal step is to qualify for an approved Study Plan. Upon completing one's approved Study Plan, the decision is influenced primarily by strong academic performance, especially with respect to the coursework designated on the Study Plan.

In recent years, applicants who fit the following profile have been accepted into the major. This is not a formal policy, but rather information about recent success history. Thresholds may be higher when impaction is severe.

  • I have earned a grade of B- or higher upon first attempt in each of the courses on my approved Study Plan.
  • My GPA in all math, science, and engineering coursework at SJSU (including beyond my Study Plan) is 3.0 or higher.  
  • I have never had a grade below C- in any calculus or physics course. (Sometimes a repeat will be approved if recent grades are much improved.)
  • I have completed (or will have completed) Math 31 and Phys 50 before  completing 60 units of college-level coursework.

Not passing any course listed on the Study Plan generally means change of major will be denied. The "B-" estimate above does NOT mean after failing and retaking; it describes successful performance on first attempt.

In case acceptance doesn't work out, it is very wise to pursue other options in parallel. Other engineering majors are described at, and it is entirely permissible to apply to multiple engineering majors in parallel.

The Career Center offers coaching to help with a choice of career and major.
Educational counseling can help with academic plans more broadly.

Who to Contact to Start the Change of Major Process

If you have fewer than 45 units completed and have not yet completed Math 30 or enrolled in Phys 50 AND you are not currently an engineering major, you will need to meet with an advisor in the Engineering Student Success Center

If you are transferring from a different engineering major or have both completed Math 30 and enrolled in Phys 50 or have more than 45 units, send an email of interest to the ME advising email at If in doubt, send an email to the ME advising email, and we'll direct you to the right place. For urgent questions, you can see Dr. Okamoto during her office hours.