ME Student Employees

Information & Resources for Student Employees


Hiring Process

Professor/Supervisor initiates via DocuSign the ME Request to Hire an ISA/SA which he/she will send to you to complete the information needed.

Reporting Hours


Reporting hours is a two-part process: 
1. You need to report your hours on SJSU@work: Instructions
2. You need to report your hours on a timesheet (via DocuSign) .You can find the timesheet on DocuSign Template : ME_ (month)_ 2021 _ISA/SA_Time Sheet

 REMINDER: Timesheet or Hours not reported on SJSU before the deadline of a pay period may result in a delayed payment.

Click here to learn how to report the hours you worked on Docusign and on SJSU @ Work. 

Video on how to log in your hours on DocuSign

Update 09/25/2020:Thank you for your feedback: I have added you as a recipient on the timesheet as well as the initiator. This will allow you to receive a copy to the timesheet once it is signed by all parties.

Video on how to log in your hours on SJSU@Work

Student Payroll Calendar

Click here for the 2021 student employee payroll calendar. 

For TAs Only

Click here to access information about the Teaching Associate Fee Waiver.