Other Opportunities

This site shows interesting non-job opportunities. Please note that the ME Department has not vetted these.

https://leadinggreen.com/online - Register for a live webinar or start today with our on-demand recorded workshop completed anytime at your own pace here. This course is instructed by a USGBC Faculty member and is the most effective way to pass. The USGBC charges a $100 (reduced for students) fee for the actual exam which can now be taken online from home. Save money by reserving your spot today and make a positive difference in your career!

Robotics Institute Summer Scholars -- At Carnegie Mellon. Scholarships available to cover housing and transportation. Apply by January 15, 2021.

Find a Mentor -- SJSU has a new mentoring program called SJSU2 that sets up online mentorships between SJSU students and industry members (mostly alumni for ME). For more information and to sign up, go to https://sjsu2.peoplegrove.com/page/students

Campus Food/Housing/Healthcare

Spartan Food Pantry

CalFresh -- monthly food assistance

Housing/Medical/Emergency Assistance

Graduate Programs

UC Merced -- They have been recruiting SJSU students for their PhD programs in engineering lately.

UC Berkeley -- They are recruiting students for their MS program in Engineering, which combines business and engineering. The program is either full-time for 9 months or part-time for 2-4 years.