You can find a full array of tutoring services at the Tutoring Hub. Some of specific interest to ME students are shown below. 

Peer Connections

In Fall 2020, Peer Connections has tutoring available in the following subjects, among others:

  • MatE 25
  • CE 95, 112
  • Engr 100W
  • Math 19, 30, 30P, 31, 32, 33a
  • PHYS 50, 51, 52
  • Chem 1a

ME Tutoring

ME 101 - Contact Dr.  Agarwal (raghu.agarwal@sjsu.edu) to inquire about making an appointment with a tutor for ME 101.

Civil Engineering Tutoring

You can get tutoring for CE 95 and 112 here.


The library has late-night tutoring in the following courses, Sunday-Wednesday from 8:00 pm to midnight:

  • Chem 1a
  • Math 19, 30, 31, 32
  • PHYS 50


College of Science

The College of Science also has free tutoring for students in physics, chemistry, and math classes for up to one hour per week.


Writing Center

If you need help with your writing, check out the Writing Center or the Communications Center.