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About Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA):



MESA was founded in 1970 and is administered by the University of California.  Through the MESA School Programs (MSP), MESA Community College Programs (MCCP) and MESA Engineering Programs (MEP) found at institutions throughout the state of California, MESA provides motivation and support to thousands of educationally disadvantaged pre-college, community college and university students seeking to pursue baccalaureate degrees in science, engineering, computer science, and other degrees.

Established in 1983 at San Jose State University, the MESA Engineering Program (formerly known as the Minority Engineering Program) has been contributing to the retention and graduation of diverse engineering/computer science talent for over 35 years.  MEP is the last segment in the MESA STEM talent pipeline, a statewide network of programs supporting students at k-12, community college and university institutions across the state of California since 1970.


Mission at SJSU:

To increase the number of high caliber, industry-ready graduates from educationally and/or economically disadvantaged backgrounds completing degrees in Engineering or Computer Science at San Jose State University by providing high quality co-curricular programs and access to resources.


Core Values at SJSU:

  • We celebrate everyone’s authentic-self, their true personality, spirit and character.
  • We understand a supportive community of peers and allies is critical.
  • We believe diversity is an asset to our collective growth and development.
  • We know everyone has the potential to achieve excellence.


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