First-Year & Lower Division Students

All first year (freshmen & transfer) and lower division (<60 units) undergraduate students will be assigned a MEP Peer Advisor (MPA) with whom they are expected to meet on a monthly basis. MPAs become a “go to” person for student needing support or guidance navigating the college system, major requirements, on‐campus resources, student life and involvement, and so on.

Upper Division Advising

All upper division non-graduating students will be assigned a MEP Advisor with whom they must meet at least once per semester throughout their first year at SJSU. Designated advisor will help assist students with nagivating their academic as well as strategic career planning, mentoring, accessing resources and information and preparing for transitioning from college to career.

Graduating Seniors Advising Advising

All MEP student with 110 plus units will be assigned a “Graduating Senior” status and designated a corresponding advisor with whom they will meet at least once per semester until graduation. Advisor will assist student through completion application for graduation, preparing for job search (resume, interviewing, job offer revaluation) and overall preparation for transitioning to the next step in their academic/professional journey.