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The 20-21 MetCS @ SJSU Rain Contest is officially open!

Thanks to the current circumstances it is once again free to play!! This means no cold hard cash for the winner, but we'll figure out something really exciting as an alternative prize.

Meteorology and Climate Science 2020-21 Precipitation Forecast Contest.

Objective: To guess the date on which cumulative rainfall (Cumulative from the beginning of the SJSU academic year) in San Jose, CA (local time) will exceed 4.0” (as measured by our departmental instrumentation on the roof (pouring water into said instrumentation will definitely get you disqualified...))

How to Play:
This is completely optional -- no one is required to play. But you should play because people who don't play NEVER win! ;)
-Each person is allowed to select 3 dates. Your dates should be emailed to Liz. A maximum of three participants may select the same date. After which it is no longer selectable by others. First come first serve. Liz will inform you if one of your dates is full.
-Selectable Dates range from Sept 22, 2019 - May 22, 2020
-Met students, both undergrad and grad, lecturers, staff, and faculty are all welcome to participate. Should a member of the greater SJSU MetCS community wish to participate they are welcome as well!
-Here is the link to the almighty deciding instrument The lower right graph is the contest yardstick.
-Polish up those long term forecasting skills (or blind luck skills ;) and get your entries in to Liz ASAP! Entries must be in before October 15 to qualify.