Research and Teaching Assistantships

There are opportunities for financial support in the Department. Some involve working on specific research projects with a professor as part of your graduate program. If you are interested in being considered for a research assistantship, please send directly to the Graduate Advisor copies (Xerox of official copy is fine) of:

  • undergraduate transcripts

  • TOEFL scores (if international student)

  • Resume (or curriculum vitae) including education and previous work experience

  • A statement of your research and career interests.

As you continue the official application process with the University, you will be contacted directly by the Department regarding the potential for financial support under a research project. Research assistantship stipends typically range between $15K and $20K annually.

The Department also offers some teaching assistantships each semester, generally to students who have already taken classes here. These may include teaching core general education classes, or teaching in our labs (synoptic, instruments, computing). MS candidates are encouraged to inquire about these positions following their first semester in the program. We also have assistantships that involve grading the large, general education classes. These are typically part-time, hourly positions ($15/hour). Finally, we offer Walker Scholarships to incoming graduate students for their first year of study. The amount offered ranges up to $5000, and depends upon GPA (3.0 and above) and GRE scores. We also offer John Monteverdi Scholarships for all graduate students depends on academic merits. 


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