Graduate Advising

MS Degree Program, Department of Meteorology  

Requirements for Admission to Classified Standing

Minimum requirements for admission to the Graduate Division are outlined at the SJSU Office of Graduate Studies and Research website. In addition, for classified standing, the student must have the equivalent of a San José State University Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology or, with the approval of the department graduate committee, a degree in a physical science or mathematics.

Admission to Conditionally Classified Standing

Those students who meet minimum requirements for admission to the Graduate Division, but do not meet departmental requirements, may be admitted to conditionally classified standing, on the approval of the department graduate committee.

Requirements for Admission to Candidacy

In addition to the requirements set forth in the Academic Requirements section of the SJSU catalog, which include satisfactory completion of the Graduate English Writing Requirement (GWAR), the student must possess an adequate background in meteorology. Competence in the general areas covered by Metr 100W (technical writing), 121A (dynamics), and 171A (synoptics: Metr 61 may be substituted for 171A), must be demonstrated to the Department Graduate Committee prior to admission to candidacy. This can be done by: satisfactory completion of these courses (or their equivalent) with a minimum grade of "B", or passage of a comprehensive written examination. Students should consult with the graduate advisor concerning these alternatives.

Annual Graduate Student Advising Meeting

We hold a mandatory meeting in Fall for ALL grad students, whether they be brand new, or have been here for a while. The procedures for getting through and out of our MS program are carefully explained at the meeting!

Formation of Department Graduate Committee

During the first semester following admission, the MS candidate will work with the Graduate Advisor to plan their course of study and to assign the candidate to a thesis advisor. Within the first year following admission, the MS candidate must formalize their course of study with their thesis advisor and Graduate Committee.

Requirements for the completion of the MS Degree in Meteorology

Courses taken to meet the requirements for admission to candidacy will not be counted as part of the MS program. All students must demonstrate competency in written English. There are two tracks (Plan A and Plan B) that lead to the completion of the MS Degree.

Plan A (with Thesis)

An acceptable written research thesis and a successful oral presentation of the thesis are required. A total of 30 units of coursework, including:

  • METR 205, 215, and 240 (9 units)
  • at least two of the following: METR 202, 205B, 206, 208, 224, 245, or 280 (6 units). METR 202 satisifies the GWAR requirement.
  • at least 6 additional units at 100 or 200 level in Meteorology (including Met 121B, 123, 125, 130, 131, 135, 136*, 150, 160, 163*, 164, 165, 166, 171B, 172, 173, 174 or 185, but excluding Met 285, 298, and 299), Physics, Computer Science, or Mathematics; chosen with the consent of the Advisor.
    • *these classes must be taken via enrollment in 3 units of 280, since they will require more work than done by undergrads.
  • at least 9 additional units from Met 285 (Seminar - minimum 1 unit), Met 298 (Research), and Met 299 (Thesis - maximum 2 units)


Plan B (without Thesis)

This plan is open to those students who can demonstrate to the Departmental Graduate Committee that they possess adequate professional meteorological experience to substitute for the research thesis. Plan B option is only offered under exceptional circumstances - students may be invited to graduate "plan B", but may not choose it themselves.

Requirements are identical to those for Plan A, except that a thesis is not required. Three additional units of 200-level meteorology courses (other than 285 or 298) will be substituted. In addition, a suitable topic in meteorology will be selected by the student in consultation with his or her advisor on which to prepare a carefully documented written report (for two or more units of Metr 298).


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