Rain Contest

The 2021-2022 Precipitation Forecast Contest has officially begun!
  Once again free to play!!  


  • To accurately forecast the date on which rainfall:
     -cumulative from August 17,  2021
     -in San Jose, CA 
     -as measured by our departmental instrumentation on the roof
  •  Will exceed 4.0”  
(Don't be getting any bright ideas while up on the roof, students, pouring water into said instrumentation is most assuredly grounds to be disqualified.)

Here are the rules for this exciting and cutthroat competition for the title of: 
Rain Forecast Champion of 2021-22 !!!

1. This is completely optional -- no one is required to play.  But you should play because people who don't play NEVER win! ;)

2. Each person is allowed to select 3 dates.  Your dates must be emailed to the MetCS Office.  A maximum of two participants may select the same date after which it is no longer selectable by others. First come first serve.  Liz will inform you if one of your dates is full.  

3. Selectable Dates range from Nov 1, 2021 - May 31, 2022

4. Met students, both undergrad and graduate, lecturers, staff, faculty, emeritus, and alumni are all welcome to participate!  Should a member of the greater SJSU MetCS community wish to participate they are welcome too!  

5. Here is the link to the almighty deciding instrument MetCS Weather Center  The lower right graph is the contest yardstick.*

6. Polish up those long term forecasting skills/ consult with the ancient humidity oracles/throw darts at a calendar/ or ponder applicable important dates from your personal life history to commemorate - however you discern your date selections make sure to get your entries in soon!!  

Entries must be submitted here before Oct. 31, 11:59 pm to qualify.

Good Luck!

*In case of ill timed power failure deciding results will be adjudicated by the resident staff meteorologist.