Assessment Activities

The department participates fully in all assessment activities. These include:

  • Program-level assessment. This involves the development of Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs, listed below), and an ongoing assessment of the extent to which we are meeting our PLOs. This activity is driven by WASC and the forthcoming accreditation.

  • Every year, the faculty choose one PLO to focus on. At various times, the faculty meet to discuss the ability of our majors to meet our expectations as expressed in one of our PLOs. If we are satisfied in students' abilities, we make no changes to the curriculum. If we feel that students are struggling in a particular area, we discuss ways in which we can improve student understanding and learning. Options may include: offering classes later in the curriculum (so that students are better prepared); moving some parts of the curriculum into a different class; modifying our teaching methods.

  • Assessment in individual classes. This activity is conducted on an ongoing basis by each faculty member in "their" classes. For example, Professor Chiao is responsible for assesment in his undergraduate Dynamics classes (METR 121A, B). Individual faculty members develop Learning Outcomes (LOs) for each class, and these are shown on the greensheets.

  • General Education Assessment. We offer four General Education (GE) classes: two core GE classes (METR 10 & 12; both "area B"), and two SJSU Studies classes (METR 112 & 113; both "area R"). In addition, we offer METR 100W ("area Z") every year. Assessment of these classes falls under the aegis of GE Assessment. The campus GE program has LOs associated with each area, and they are posted on the Undergraduate Studies website. We conduct assessment in each of our GE classes at least once per year, discuss the results at faculty meetings, and report our findings to Undergraduate Studies.

Below are links to recent assessment reports.

Reports - due, written & posted every year - are directly below, with newest reports @ top.

All the important stuff - our actual Program Learning Outcomes etc. - is at the bottom.

Fall 2018

GE assessment reports:

Fall 2016

GE assessment reports:


GE assessment reports:


GE assessment reports:



Tying University Learning Goals to Program Learning Outcomes.

University Learning Goals (ULGs) are posted online (search "SJSU ULG").

On the mapping, these are referred to as ULGs.




GE assessment reports:

10/2012 "Closing the loop" report on Program Learning Outcome #7.

GE assessment reports:


WASC rubrics


WASC rubrics: 2013 updates


WASC rubrics: 2014 updates

  • BS Meteorology
  • BS Meteorology concentration Climate Science
  • MS Meteorology



Below, we list our Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) for each of our programs (BS Meteorology; BS Meteorology concentration in Climate Science; MS Meteorology). We also show how these PLOs "map" into our curriculum, and finally we show the timeframe in which we plan to conduct assessment activities.

Meteorology & Climate Science Department Program Learning Outcomes (updated Spring 2011)
Program Learning Outcomes Mapped into the Curriculum
(updated Fall 2013)
Timelines for PLO Assessment Activities
(updated Fall 2019)


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