Meteorology Advising for our Undergraduate Majors

Welcome to the advising page for our majors. This page is designed to provide you with important information about our program so that you can achieve your goal of obtaining a degree in Meteorology.

BS in Meteorology degree

Our BS Meteorology students should consult the four-year roadmap to see which courses you should take and in which semester.  

What is a roadmap? Simply a guide to the courses you need to take to graduate, as well as when they are offered, and the order in which you should take them.

  • IF you arrive at SJSU ready to go straight into the freshmen courses shown (especially either MATH 19 or MATH 30), and IF you pass all your courses, and IF you take the courses in the order shown on the roadmap, you CAN graduate in four years!
  • Note that the core Meteorology classes are offered ONLY in the semesters shown on the roadmap - please factor this into your planning!
  • You should also consult the General Education Page at the Advising Hub page for detailed general education information.

Please consult the Advising Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. If after reading these pages, you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact the undergraduate advisor (currently Professor Eugene Cordero).

Also, please note that mandatory advising is required of all Meteorology and Climate Science students every semester (you cannot register for classes otherwise!). You will be messaged about this via your MySJSU page to remind you to make an appointment at the appropriate time.

BS in Meteorology, concentration in Climate Science degree

Our BS Meteorology, concentration in Climate Science students should consult their four-year roadmap to see which courses you should take and when.

Please read the information above - it explains our roadmaps, and gives other useful information.

Testing out of our classes:

  1. We do NOT allow students to test out of METR 100W. All Meteorology and Climate Science students must take our 100W course.
  2. Credit by exam: we generally do NOT allow students to obtain "credit by exam" in any of our majors classes. Students are free to approach individual faculty about this, but should not expect a positive outcome. 

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