Admitted Spartan Day

Nancy Da SilvaNancy Da Silva, Director of the School of Management

Welcome to SJSU and congratulations on getting admitted!

We have two concentrations in the School of Management: Management and Human Resources. If you are interested in various facets of organizations, then the Management concentration might be of interest to you. This concentration gives you a large degree of flexibility in career choices. But, if you are more interested in people operations, namely how companies hire, retain, train, and compensate people, then the Human Resources concentration would be the right concentration for you.

One of the most popular and my favorite courses that I teach is a core business class: Fundamentals of Management and Organizational Behavior. It covers a wide variety of topics, like Personality, Behavior, and Leadership.

Hope to see you soon in Fall!

Check out our concentration info sheets:

Management (PDF)

Human Resources Management (PDF)

When our students and alumni heard that Admitted Spartan Day was going virtual they jumped into action! Dozens sent in short videos with their insights.

Without a doubt, the best part about SJSU is the professors. Let Jashan Grewal tell you why.

As a transfer student, Brian's advice is to check out the Jack Holland Student Success Center within the Lucas College and Graduate School of Business.

As an international student, SJSU is opening up a lot of opportunities, experiences and networking opportunities for Nimratdeep

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