User Resources

Project Proposal

Any project that is not directly supervised within a regular lab course requires a Project Proposal that is approved by the MPEL faculty and staff. A single proposal may be used for multiple users working on the same project under the same faculty supervisor.

User Registration

Any individual who wishes to use the lab beyond current enrollment as a student in a regular lab course must have his or her User Registration approved by the MPEL faculty and staff. Each user must be affiliated with at least one approved project.  New users are required to read, sign, and submit the MPEL Safety and Policy Acknowledgment document, and also to complete an initial online safety quiz.

MPEL Users Website

Registered lab users have access to the MPEL users website that includes such resources as process protocols, operating instructions, datasheets, and discussion boards. This privilege is restricted to SJSU faculty, staff, and students who have active SJSUOne accounts.