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Students must meet with their faculty music advisor preceding registration each semester to evaluate their progress toward graduation and to determine their academic schedule for the following semester. Music advisors are:

It is the student's responsibility to arrange an appointment with his or her music faculty advisor. Failure to do so before the registration period begins will result in delayed registration. Additional support is available at the College's Student Success Center. Note that the Degree Progress option on your MySJSU is not equivalent to meeting with your advisor.

In addition, all undergraduate music students must attend the School of Music & Dance advisement meeting held on the first Thursday of each semester during Listening Hour (12:30PM, Concert Hall).

Music advising forms and plans are available on the Forms page, or check in the Music Administrative Office (Music Building, Room 179) or call (408) 924-4673.

Area Coordinators

All music majors fall within one of the following areas of study. For the name and office number of the faculty member currently coordinating each area, please click on the corresponding area in the table below, or contact the Music Administrative Office (Music Building, Room 179) or call (408) 924-4673. You can also see a list on the Faculty & Staff by Area page.




Choral Area


Music Systems & Theory



Music Education

Jazz Studies


Studio Arts




Piano Proficiency

All music majors must be enrolled in Music 25A, 25B and 25C until they have passed their piano proficiency exam. Instructors will determine student placement in 25A, 25B or 25C. For those students with a piano background who feel that they are capable of passing the piano proficiency exam prior to enrolling in the class, the exam will be administered once each semester. For Fall 2016, auditions will be held on Tuesday, August 23 from 2:40 - 5:30 pm in Rooms 207 and 208. Please contact Director of Keyboard Studies for more information. If a student passes the piano proficiency exam, he or she does not need to enroll in 25A, 25B or 25C.

All lower-division majors are encouraged to pass the piano requirement before reaching upper-division status. Freshmen, in particular, should enroll immediately in 25A, as the skills acquired will help in Music Systems. Upper-division transfer music majors must enroll in class piano, contingent upon their level, until their proficiency requirement has been passed.

All students receiving applied lessons MUST pass the piano proficiency exam at the end of 3 semesters (25A, 25B, 25C) and before the second semester of their junior year (semester 6). You may elect to challenge 25C by taking the exam at the end of 25B. If you pass, you will receive credit for 25C, but not a grade. If you fail the exam, you will stay enrolled in 25C for the duration and receive a grade. If you fail the piano proficiency exam at the end of 25C, you will fail the course and will not be able to continue with applied lessons, thus putting your graduation in jeopardy.

Tutor/Music Lab Information

The School of Music & Dance offers tutoring for music theory (MUS 1A-4A) and ear-training (MUS 1B-4B), as well as Form and Analysis (MUS 103) and Counterpoint (MUS 104). Contact Dr. Brian Belet, Area Coordinator for Music Systems and Theory, for more information.


Students must present recitals as part of their music major—some degrees require both junior and senior recitals, some only the senior recital. Please follow the steps outlined on the Music Student Recital Packet in order to properly schedule your concert and reserve performance space. Come to Music Administrative Office if you have any questions.

Music Minors

All music minors should:

• Pick up the minor advisement form in the music office (Music Building, Room 179) or find it under the forms page.

• Make your selections within each required category by consulting the course descriptions in the official SJSU catalog.

• Students with questions should consult with the Music Administrative Office (Music Building, Room 179) or emailing Director Dr. Fred Cohen.

• Each music minor must have the minor form signed at least one semester before graduation.