Adaptations and Devices for Teaching



Skoog is a tactile musical instrument that "anyone can play."  There are no requirements on age, talent and skill level.  


Figurenotes offers teaching tools that use colors and shapes to help students to learn reading music notations.

Makey Makey

Makey Makey makes "easy-to-use" invention kits.  Educators can use the kit to built hands-on learning technology tool for learners of different age, cognitive and skill levels.

Educator's Guide

Sample lesson plans. See  Lesson 6 – Makey Makey Musical Water

Makey Makey Music 


Rhythm blocks by Rhythmically Yours


Music Notation blocks by Note Knacks

Dancing Dots

Dancing Dots offers technology, educational resources and training to assist blind and low vision individuals to read, write, and record their music.