This page contains a list of books pertaining to the research in music education for students on the autism spectrum disorder.  


Book Title Cover Authors Publisher Year
Music in Special Education, 2nd Edition

Music in Special Education

Adamek, Mary
Darrow, Alice-Ann
The American Music Therapy Association, Inc. 2005
Exceptional Pedagogy for Children with Exceptionalities

Exceptional Pedagogy

Blair, D. V.
McCord, K.           
Oxford University Press 2016 
Teaching Music to Students with Autism

Teaching Music to Students with Autism

Hammel, A. M. 
Hourigan, R. M.
Oxford University Press 2013
Teaching Music to Students With Special Needs: A Label-Free Approach, 2nd Edition

Teaching Music to Students

Hammel, A. M.
Hourigan, R. M.
Oxford University Press 2017
Extraordinary Measures: Disability in Music  Extraordinary Measures Lerner, Joseph N. Oxford University Press 2011
Sounding Off: Theorizing Disability in Music  Sounding Off Lubet, Neil  Routledge 2006
Music, Disability, and Society Music Disability Society Lubet, Alex Temple University Press 2015
Kids, Music 'n' Autism  Kids Music Autism

Berger, Dorita S.

Jessica Kingsley Publishers


Music, Language and Autism Music Language Autism Ockelford, Adam Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2013
The Autism Spectrum in the 21st Century: Exploring Psychology, Biology and Practice  Autism Spectrum 21century Roth, Ilona 
Barson, C
Hoekstra, R
Pasco, G
Whatson, T
Jessica Kingsley Publishers


Exceptional music pedagogy for children with exceptionalities: international perspectives

Exceptional Music Pedagogy

edited by
Blair, Deborah V.
McCord, Kimberly A.

Oxford University Press 2013
Mainstreaming Exceptional Learners in Music  Mainstreaming Exceptional Learners Atterbury B. W.  Prentice Hall


Methods for Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Evidence-Based Practices Methods for Teaching Students Wheeler, John J.
Mayton, Michael R.
Carter, Stacy L.
Pearson 2015
An Attitude and Approach for Teaching Music to Special Learners, 3rd Edition An Attitude and Approach Sobol, Elise S. Rowman & Littlefield


...And Music For All And Music for All MENC Rowman & Littlefield  2001
Spotlight on Making Music with Special Learners Spotlight on Making Music NAfME Rowman & Littlefield  2004
Music in Special Education, 3rd Edition  Music in Special Educaiton 3 Adamek, Mary
Darrow, Alice-Ann
The American Music Therapy Association, Inc.  2018
Teaching the Postsecondary Music Student with Disabilities  Teaching the Postsecondary McCord, Kimberly Oxford University Press  2017
The Oxford Handbook of Music and Disability Studies  The Oxford Handbook Edited by 
Howe, Blake
Jensen-Moulton, S
Lerner, N
Straus, J
Oxford University Press  2016