Special Procedures for Retrieving Locker Contents

Due to the shelter-in-place order, we have special procedures for those wanting to retrieve the contents of their Nutrition, Food Science, and Packaging Department locker. Please read all of the procedures below. 

Locker Contents Retrieval Procedure

  1. If we are allowed to return to campus during the summer, then you can come pick up your locker contents Monday - Friday, 8am to 5pm during the summer.
  2. If you cannot pick your locker contents up during the summer, you will be able to pick them up during the fall semester. Locker contents will be stored in CCB 116. Please contact the instructional support technician and let them know via phone call or email what time you will be by to pick up your items. Contact information below. 
  3. If you cannot come back to campus at all because you are graduating or some other reason, then we will ship your items back to you. Please complete this form to request your items to be shipped back to you: Request Form for Locker Contents to be Returned by Mail


For any questions, please contact:

Wendee Augustiro

Instructional Support Technician

e: wendee.augustiro@sjsu.edu (preferred)

p: (408) 924-3111