Program Learning Outcomes

For MS in Nutritional Science

  1. To demonstrate advanced competency in professional writing and oral communication of the essential theories, scientific applications, and/or ethical considerations related to the profession.
  2. To identify and articulate social and cultural issues related to nutrition/packaging for various populations.
  3. To analyze and critique published research, and design and conduct research studies using the scientific method.


For BS in Nutritional Science (All Concentrations)

  1. To obtain a critical understanding and the ability to apply theoretical and scientific knowledge from the subdisciplines in nutrition.
  2. To effectively communicate the essential theories, scientific applications, and ethical considerations related to the discipline.
  3. To identify global, social, environmental, and/or cultural issues related to the discipline for diverse populations.


For BS in Packaging

  1. Assess a package’s functional properties
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of package material properties to meet particular physical needs.
  3. Describe a package production system in order to present design and develop cost comparisons between various package configurations.
  4. Assess a distribution channel to identify particular stresses incurred.
  5. Design a package system (primary, secondary and tertiary) to contain, protect and transport products from manufacturer to consumer.
  6. Develop reproducible test methodologies for evaluating particular properties in a package/material.
  7. Organize and assemble presentations describing package systems, operations, designs, and cost comparisons.