Careers in Packaging

Packaging development deals with the design, testing and evaluation of packages to provide protection to products, to people, and the environment. The demand for packaging professionals is very high, mainly because there are only a few schools that offer packaging as a discipline. San Jose State University is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and is the only university that offers a packaging major west of the Mississippi River.

Packaging is the nation's third largest industry, and it is growing. Packaging graduates are in such a demand that each graduate has, on average, three job offers on graduation. Since SJSU is one of only ten packaging programs in the US, our graduates are among the most sought after and highly paid of college graduates.

SJSU packaging graduates are hired to:

  • Design and develop new products, packages and packaging systems
  • Engineer and manage automated production and distribution systems
  • Manage the purchasing, control and disposal of packaging and other materials
  • Market and sell package materials and equipment
  • Project Managers, managing the development of packages and interaction with all the groups influencing package design