Verification Statement

What is a DPD Verification Statement?

  • The DPD Verification Statement is an official document signed by the DPD director certifying a student has successfully completed both a baccalaureate degree and the program’s ACEND-accredited dietetics coursework requirements.
  • An official transcript showing the grades received and stating “Degree Conferred” is required to issue the Verification Statement.


  • SJSU students graduating with a BS in Nutritional Science, concentration in Dietetics OR
  • SJSU students completing the MS in Nutritional Science and the DPD program


The Verification Statement is the official document needed when applying to:

  1. Dietetic internship programs
  2. RD exam
  3. NDTR exam
  4. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics active membership
  5. Potential employers


Steps for requesting a DPD Verification Statement:

  1. Complete the Declaration of Intent Request form.
    1. Follow the instructions for DPD Transcript Evaluation (US students) OR
    2. Follow the instructions for DPD Transcript Evaluation (Foreign Students)
  2. Meet with the DPD director to discuss policies and procedures (DPD Handbook).
  3. Request a DPD Verification Statement after completing the program.


Declaration of Intent

  • This standard document is given as a contract with a list of classes required for successful completion of the DPD Program.

  • The Declaration of Intent allows students to apply for a dietetic internship during their final semester before graduating.

  • The Declaration of Intent is the first document issued upon transcript evaluation. In order to receive a DPD Verification Statement, you must first request a Declaration of Intent.

When should you request a Declaration of Intent?

  • One year prior to graduating.
  • Summer after receiving C or better in NUFS 108A or early in the fall semester when you register for NUFS 110A.
  • MS students - upon admission to the graduate program