MS Nutritional Science - Prospective Students FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I find information about requirements and application process? 

    Chapter three of the Graduate Handbook provides detailed information about requirements and the application process to the MS in Nutritional Science. You should also consult the graduate admissions website.

  2. When do you accept applications?

    We only accept applications for the fall semester (spring cycle is not available). Check the application deadlines posted on GAPE website.

  3. How is the application process? 

    Here is a summary of the application process. More information can be found on the application procedures document, chapter three of the Graduate Handbook, and GAPE website. Please note: our whole application process is now completely online using Cal State Apply and we no longer accept documents submitted by email.

    1. Application Form. Apply online at by deadline posted on GAPE - this is where you will submit all of your application materials.
    2. Submit/upload the following documents in "Program Materials" session of Cal State Apply: 
      - Signed and dated statement of purpose/letter of intent
      - 3 letters of recommendation 
      - Resume summarizing volunteer, research, and employment experience
      - Prerequisite form: Submit the MS/DPD Core Science Courses Form, only required for students interested in completing the DPD coursework at SJSU
    3. You must mail OFFICIAL U.S./Canada College transcripts or WES evaluation (international students)* in sealed envelopes from ALL universities/colleges attended before the posted document deadline to**:
      San Jose State University
      Graduate Admissions & Program Evaluations (GAPE) 
      One Washington Square 
      San Jose, CA 95192-0017
    4. Submit GRE scores to SJSU (graduate division; code 468)
    5. If English is not your primary language, you must satisfactorily meet the minimum test scores for the English Language Proficiency Exam.
      * The  Nutrition, Food Science, and Packaging (NUFSPKG) department requires WES course-by-course document from international students planning to received credit for the DPD verification statement

      *Admissions contact:; 408-283-7500 
  4. Are there prerequisites for courses and do I need to complete them before applying? 

    Yes, there are prerequisites. All students are strongly advised to complete prerequisite classes prior to admission to the program. If you have not completed most of the following classes, your application will not receive serious consideration. You can check SJSU's course catalog for more information about each course.

    • lower-division introductory nutrition (equivalent to SJSU NUFS 8)
    • lower-division general chemistry (equivalent to SJSU CHEM 1A) 
    • lower-division organic chemistry (equivalent to SJSU CHEM 30B)
    • lower-division physiology (equivalent to SJSU BIOL 66)
    • lower-division microbiology (equivalent to SJSU MICRO 20) 
    • lower-division introductory statistics (equivalent to SJSU STAT 95 or HS 67)
    • lower-division introductory psychology (equivalent to SJSU PSYC 1)
    • Biochemistry with lab (equivalent to SJSU CHEM 132 and CHEM 132L)
      • Some students take biochemistry in their first semester after being admitted to the program, because it is not available at Community Colleges

  5. What if I have a bachelor’s degree that is NOT in nutrition, and would like to pursue the MS degree or the MS and RD? 

    You are not required to have a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition to apply to the MS program. However, students who do not have enough support courses typically will not be accepted (see question #3 above).

  6. How do I know if the course I completed at a Community College or University is equivalent to the one at SJSU? 

    You can check course-to-course articulation agreements developed by SJSU with other institutions or

  7. The course I completed is not listed on the website (#5). Can you tell me if this course will be accepted before I apply to the program?

    Unfortunately, we cannot do pre-evaluations for course equivalencies before admission to the program.

  8. Is the GRE required? 

    Yes, the GRE is required for admission to the MS Nutritional Science program. There are NO exceptions. You can check score requirements on page 7 of the Graduate Handbook or at the GAPE test requirements website. See question 9 regarding a special GRE exception for the application period ending February 1, 2021.

  9. Due to the pandemic, it is difficult to complete the GRE. Will it be required to apply for your Master's program?

    For the application period ending February 1, 2021, the GRE is optional. 

  10. Is this a combined program MS + internship? 

    Our program is not combined. We offer a MS in Nutritional Science, and if accepted into the program, you may qualify for applying to our internal dietetic internship that is offered only to SJSU students. In essence, students do complete both MS and dietetic internship but they are separate steps. The steps are:

    1. Complete dietetic coursework receiving DPD verification statement
    2. Complete MS classes
    3. Complete MS project (classes + project = 30 units)
    4. Apply for internal dietetic internship (DI) (only for SJSU students)
    5. Interview for DI placement
    6. Complete internship (7 months full time)
    7. Pass the national RD exam
  11. Would I be able to take the required DPD classes and earn a DPD verification statement as a non-degree student?

    No, the DPD program and verification statement can be completed only if you're enrolled in our BS or MS program.

  12. What is the program cost/tuition?

    You can find tuition fees in the Bursar's Office website

  13. I have a foreign degree, how do I get my transcript evaluated? 

    GAPE requires that all international applicants provide a World Education Services evaluation for any educational work taken outside of the U.S. and Territories and Canada. Additional information can be found at International Applicants: How to Apply.

  14. Can I get into a graduate program with a three-year bachelor’s degree from India? 

    SJSU does not deem the three-year bachelor’s degree from India as comparable to a four-year U.S. bachelor’s degree and therefore will not meet the CSU eligibility requirements. More information can be found at GAPE FAQ.

  15. How can I improve my chances of being accepted into the program? 

    The Nutrition, Food Science, and Packaging Department has a graduate selection committee that makes the decision on admission based on an application evaluation rubric. The rubric includes information about GPA, performance on core science courses (See #3), GRE scores, letter of intent, letters of recommendation, and research/professional experience.