The following 15-unit minor programs are offered by the department. For curriculum planning, click on the links below.


Minor in Nutrition and Food Science SJSU course requirements

  • Advising Form for Minor in Nutrition and Food Science (Link to Forms page)

Minor in Nutrition for Physical Performance SJSU course requirements

  • Advising Form for Minor in Nutrition for Physical Performance (Link to Forms page)

Minor in Packaging SJSU course requirements


Impaction Criteria for adding a NUFS & PKG minor:
The term 'impaction' is used to refer to the circumstance in which the number of students applying to a campus or department exceeds the available spaces and an enrollment limit is in effect. Various selection criteria are then employed when processing students for admission. There is an enrollment limit in effect for the NUFS & PKG majors and minors. The current selection criteria for students who are wanting to add a minor can be found below.

Application instructions for adding NUFS & PKG Minor (Link to Forms page)