Faculty Research and Publications

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Our faculty members are scientists and innovators. As such, they are participating in exciting research, educational opportunites, and insightful conversations.


Institute for Nursing Research & Practice

Begun in 1993, the Institute for Nursing Research & Practice's (INRP) mission is to promote a climate of inquiry within the School of Nursing by coordinating and promoting the research projects and interests of nursing faculty and students to develop innovative models for nursing research, practice, and education.

Find out more about the Institute for Nursing Research and Practice, including details on the INRP's funding opportunities.

Calls for Participation and Input

Many of our amazing staff members are active reserachers, with opportunities for our community to participate, offer feedback, and share insights. 

Publications and Dissemination

TVFSON faculty members are constantly adding to the body of knowlege about nursing. Check out some of their work, below.