Mission & Vision

“The ability to serve diverse populations throughout the area allowed me to learn how to provide culturally competent care in my nursing career.”
- Nursing Student, 2019


Mission Statement

Provide educational excellence in the science and art of professional nursing to empower our graduates to be responsible and knowledgeable clinicians, leaders, and scholars who strive to meet changing global healthcare needs.

The Valley Foundation School of Nursing (TVFSON) shares the vision of the College of Health and Human Sciences: to be home to applied and professional disciplines serving dynamic societal needs and dedicated to promoting a healthy, ethical, and enlightened global community through innovative application of knowledge and scholarship.

The philosophy of the faculty of TVFSON evolves from four interrelated concepts: person, environment, health, and nursing. These concepts are interdependent and interactive.

The Valley Foundation Commitment to the S.O.N

About the School of Nursing

The Valley Foundation School of Nursing offers a program for men and women seeking a degrees in nursing.

The baccalaureate program prepares the individual for professional nursing practice in a variety of acute care and community settings and for continuing education and graduate studies.

Nursing majors receive clinical experience in local hospitals, nurse managed centers, and community health agencies under the guidance of nursing faculty from the university.

In addition, the baccalaureate program provides the opportunity for the student to acquire a liberal and professional education as a foundation for practice and advanced education; develop leadership skills in traditional and emerging roles of nursing as demanded by the changing needs of society; develop a sound theory base for using the nursing process in primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention of health problems; utilize evidence-based practice strategies; develop an attitude of intellectual inquiry and competence in critical analysis; and establish collaborative relationships with other health care professionals.

The program leading to the Master of Science in Nursing is designed to meet the needs of the student who has a baccalaureate degree in nursing and desires advanced preparation in nursing. Nurses with baccalaureate degrees in other disciplines are also accepted on a case-by-case basis. The curriculum develops specialists in advanced nursing practice with functional skills in one of three areas: administration, education, and informatics. In addition, graduates acquire initial competence in conducting research and are provided the foundation for doctoral study. The program accommodates the part-time as well as the full-time student.

Assembly Bill 867 (AB867) authorized the CSU to offer the post-master’s Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) as a pilot program at three locations statewide. The Valley Foundation School of Nursing in collaboration with CSU Fresno was one location, from 2012-2020.

The DNP program at SJSU, begining in Fall of 2019, has begun its journey as a solo program, welcoming students who seek to become change-agents in healthcare and their communities.


Fact Sheet [PDF]