BSN Transfer Course Agreements

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Transfer Courses To SJSU

Courses not listed as a prerequisite or courses taken at other campuses must be approved as equivalent. Applicants can check for course transferability for California public colleges and universities on SJSU's articulation website or Online coursework with labs will be accepted as long as the course articulates.

Review transfer course agreements between the school you attended and SJSU to determine course equivalency. 

SJSU's Articulation Website

  • Select the school you attended
  • Then select the BS-Nursing major to view the transfer course agreement

International Degrees

SJSU accepts previous degrees from U.S. regionally accredited institutions. If you have taken transferable units outside the United States, official transcripts from the institution(s) attended must be transmitted to SJSU so that your coursework can be evaluated and transferred accordingly. Please note that we are not able to pre-evaluate your coursework prior to admission. Once you submit your application and all of the documents required to process your application as referenced on your MySJSU "To Do List", we will evaluate your file for admission.

The nursing department does not give credit for courses taken outside of the U.S. unless the degree is accepted from SJSU admissions and the coursework is deemed as equivalent. 

Nursing Prerequisite Substitution Form

For courses that do not appear on either articulation websites or if you are requesting to substitute a different course for a nursing prerequisite, complete a nursing substitution form. Forms must be submitted with course descriptions to the nursing undergraduate coordinator for approval before completing the nursing application. The signed form will be included in the nursing application. 

Nursing Substitution Form 

The form is completed using Docusign. To submit the form, please follow these steps:

1. Click on the link to access the form. Enter your name and email address. Then, select "Begin Signing"

2. Enter the requested information into the appropriate field. A SJSU ID is not required to complete the form.

3. Attach an official course description for each course from the institution the course was taken at. Then, select "Finish."

Please note, it may take several weeks to review the form. Please submit forms as early as possible.