Program Learning Outcomes

The following Master of Science in OT program outcomes will be demonstrated by all students that graduate from the San José State University Occupational Therapy Program.

Each student will:

  1. Be educated as a generalist with a broad exposure to the delivery models and systems used in settings where occupational therapy is currently practiced and where it is emerging as a service.

  2. Achieve entry level competence.

  3. Articulate and apply occupational therapy theory, models of practice, clinical reasoning to evidence-based evaluations and interventions to achieve expected outcomes.

  4. Uphold the ethical standards, values, and attitudes of the occupational therapy profession.

  5. Be a competent and critical consumer of research and knowledge that supports practice.

  6. Understand and value the occupational core of the profession.

  7. Identify the social, political, economic and cultural issues in a diverse society that impact the ability of individuals, communities and populations (clients) to participate in meaningful occupations.

  8. Advocate for individuals, communities and populations (clients) and actively promote occupational therapy.

  9. Demonstrate professional and leadership behaviors.

  10. Be prepared to make a positive impact on occupational pursuits for the health and well-being of society.

  11. Be self-directed, life-long learners.