Google Calendar

1. While editing a page, click Edit near where you want to embed the Google Calendar

Editing page featuring edit icons













2. Click Insert/Edit Video

Insert/edit video icon within toolbar




3. Click the Embed Code tab

Insert/edit video menu featuring expanded general tab














4. Open a new window in your web browser, and navigate to your gmail account. Click Calendar

Google's Gmail menu with Calendar selected









5. Click Settings

Settings dropdown menu expanded with settings selected


6. Click the Calendars tab

Calendar settings menu featuring calendars tab


7. Click the calendar that you want to insert to the page

Calendar tab expanded featuring calendars


8. Copy the embed code

Specified calendar's embed code textbox with selected text


9. Return to the OU Campus window on your web browser. Paste the code into Embed Code

Insert/edit video's embed code tab expanded and embed code pasted


10. Click Ok

Insert/edit video menu's ok icon