Citation Fines

A portion of the fines collected for parking violations are forwarded to the State of California to fund the construction, renovation and lease of State Court and detention facilities. The balance is used to fund alternative transportation programs at SJSU.

Type of Violation Fine Amount
Expired Hourly Permit $23
Failure to Properly Display a DMV Placard $23
Failure to Properly Display a Valid Permit $23
Not Parked within Stall Lines $23
Parked On Wrong Day with Permit $23
Parked Overnight without Resident or Overnight Permit $23
Parked Over the Time Limit $40
False Vehicle Alarm $45
No Valid Permit $45
Not Parked in a Marked Stall $45
Other Parking Violation$45 $45
Parked in a Bus Loading Zone $45
Parked in a Passenger Loading/Unloading Zone $45
Parked in Special Purpose Zone $45
Parked in 2 or More Spaces $45
Storing a Vehicle on Campus Over 72 Hours $45
Boot Removal Fee $50
Parked Blocking a Driveway $53
Parked in No Parking Zone $53
Parked in Red Zone $53
Altered Permit $90
Misuse of Semester/Annual Permit $175
Parked in Disabled Space without Placard $351
Lost/Stolen/Forged Permit or Disabled Parking Placard $400
Tampering or Theft of Immobilization Boot $500