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Employee Daily/Weekly/Monthly Permits are available for purchase ONLINE

Due to COVID-19, employee daily/weekly/monthly permits are available for purchase via Parking Online Services.  
1)  The process is similar to semester/annual permits purchase online.
2)  For daily permit, you select the day that you want to park, Please note: The virtual permit is valid only for that date.
3)  For weekly permit, you select the starting date.  The virtual weekly permit will expire 7 days from the date of selection.
4)  For monthly permit, you select the starting date.  The virtual monthly permit will expire 30 days from the date of selection.

Parking Permit Refund Request

Students choosing to cancel their remaining campus parking agreements must complete the following:

1) Download the Permit Refund Request Form 
2) Complete the form and email it back to
3) There will be no processing fee
4) SJSU Parking will process pro-rated refunds based upon the week you submit your refund request form
5)  You should begin to see refunds by mid-April


Please note: once you submit a permit refund request form, you are responsible for having a valid parking permit when parked on campus or you will be issued a parking citation.    

Lot 8 - Short Term Parking Only

As a reminder, Lot 8 will be converted to short term parking only.  No employee parking will be available in Lot 8.  Alternative staff parking available in South, North, and West Garages.

Passenger Drop-off

 If you are being drop-off or dropping someone off, please utilize our new passenger loading zones that are located around the perimeter of the campus on 4th, San Fernando, 10th, and San Salvador Streets. 

A map of the SJSU Drop Off Areas can be found on our website at:


Pay Station Refunds Policy

Effective 09/04/19, parking pay stations take exact change only.  No change is dispensed.  No refunds for overpayment transactions.  Make sure you have exact cash amount if you pay cash via pay stations.  Pay stations except Visa and Mastercard.

Perimeter Parking

Attention: As of 08/15/2019, SJSU permits are NOT VALID on On-street parking around the campus.

Virtual parking permits for new permit purchases 

Effective July 1, 2019, Parking Services at San Jose State University will start using virtual permits for students, MPP’s, Confidential employees, Auxiliary employees, Emeritus faculties, visitors, contractors, and vendors. 

Virtual permits allow you to park in your designated area without being required to display a physical permit.  With virtual permits, you will NOT need to come to Parking Services office to pick up your permit or wait for a physical permit to arrive in the mail. The license plate registered when purchasing your parking session will become your virtual parking permit, and your permit will be valid as soon as the first effective date of your permit. As each vehicle’s license plate is used as your parking permit, license plates must be registered precisely to avoid being issued a citation. Errors in license plate registration are the responsibility of the registrant and will cause the issuance of a violation. You can register up to three vehicles on your permit; however, only one vehicle is allowed on campus at a timeIf more than one vehicle found on campus without the purchase of additional permit, both vehicles will be cited for Misuse of Parking Permit.  Paid parking session is required at all times when parking on campus. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  License Plate Recognition (LPR) verifies parking session in all garages and lots.  For additional information visit SJSU Virtual Permit FAQ.

2020 Spring Semester Student Virtual Parking Permits

2020 Spring Student Commuter and Student Housing virtual parking permits are available for purchase through SJSU Parking Services Online and at the Parking Services office starting December 15, 2019.

Please note: The parking permits sold through the online ordering portal are virtual permits based on the vehicle license plate. Customers will NOT receive a physical permit. Also, Bursar’s office will no longer sell parking permit.  

Click for a listing of available permits and sales locations.

2020 Employee Parking Permits

2020 Spring Semester physical parking permits are available for purchase starting December 15, 2019 through the Parking Online Services website and at the Parking Services office.  All employee permit types are available for purchase at the Parking Services Office. Click for a listing of available permits and sales locations.

Employees currently on a pre-tax payroll deduction parking plan may pick up their new annual parking permit or multi-year parking permit at the Parking Services office. 

Virtual permits for employees

Due to the complex nature of the virtual permitting system and the need to resolve pre-rollout issues, Parking Services will delay the use of virtual parking permits for some employees until further notice. The virtual permits will be valid for MPP’s, Confidential employees, Auxiliary employees and Emeritus only.