Summer 2020 Parking Information

Summer 2020 session permits will not be sold since all summer class offerings will be held online. There is no need for students to purchase long term permits for the summer sessions. Daily and hourly permits are available for purchase through ParkMobile app or pay stations. Essential employees parking on campus over the summer may purchase an annual employee permit effective starting July 1, 2020. Employee permits can be purchased online with a credit card. Those who interested to purchase the annual employee permit through pay roll deduction, please complete the payroll_deduction_renewal_form online. Student Assistants parking on campus over the summer, please email for long term permit options. As a reminder, a valid parking permit is always required when parking on campus. Parking rules are enforced 24/7, 365 days a year.

Parking Permit Refund Delay

As a result of the vast number of parking permit refund requests, please expect a longer wait for refunds. This is unprecedented time due to the COVID-19. We are working diligently to process all refund requests.  Please be patient with us.  Thank you for your understanding.

Parking Permit Refund Request - Due Date

Students or employees who choosing to cancel their remaining campus parking agreements must submit the Permit Refund Request Form by the following due date:

- 2019 Academic Permit/2020 Spring Semester Permit (permit expired date 05/31/2020) - submit request by 04/30/2020

- 2019 Employee Annual Permit/2015 Multi-year Permit (permit expired date 06/30/2020) - submit request by 05/31/2020

*** Parking Services will not process permit cancelation requests for a refund past the due date.

Employee Daily/Weekly/Monthly Permits are available for purchase ONLINE

Due to COVID-19, employee daily/weekly/monthly permits are available for purchase via Parking Online Services.  
1)  The process is similar to semester/annual permits purchase online.
2)  For daily permit, you select the day that you want to park, Please note: The virtual permit is valid only for that date.
3)  For weekly permit, you select the starting date.  The virtual weekly permit will expire 7 days from the date of selection.
4)  For monthly permit, you select the starting date.  The virtual monthly permit will expire 30 days from the date of selection.

Parking Permit Refund Request

Students choosing to cancel their remaining campus parking agreements must complete the following:

1) Download the Permit Refund Request Form
2) Complete the form and email it back to
3) There will be no processing fee
4) SJSU Parking will process pro-rated refunds based upon the week you submit your refund request form
Please note: once you submit a permit refund request form, you are responsible for having a valid parking permit when parked on campus or you will be issued a parking citation.