Housing Virtual Permits

Student Housing Virtual Permits

Effective July 1, 2019, Parking Services at San Jose State University will start using virtual permits for students.  Student Housing Virtual Permit descriptions, pricing, and sales locations are listed below.  Note: On-campus residents must purchase an ‘H’ (Housing) Permit.


  • All Student Housing Virtual Permits are available for purchase through SJSU Parking Online Services or in-person at the Parking Services Office.  Please note: Bursar’s office will no longer sell parking permit.
  • Be aware of the effective and expiration dates of all decal and virtual permits to avoid being cited for parking without a valid permit.  Hourly and daily permits may be purchased from paystations when parking at all other times.
  • Please note: The parking permits sold through the online ordering portal are virtual permits based on the vehicle license plate. Customers will NOT receive a physical permit.

The 'H' virtual permit is for on-campus residents. 'H' permits are valid only above section 2-J of the South (7th Street) Garage and at the Park & Ride Lot. The 'H' Housing permit is not valid in the Campus Village Garage at any time. Ownership of a permit is not transferable from person to person.

If you are an on-campus housing resident, do NOT purchase a 'S' virtual parking permit as they are not valid for overnight parking.

'H' Housing Virtual Parking Permit Prices
Permit Description Permit Prices
Academic Year
(Valid from mid-August through end of May. Includes Winter Session.)
(Fall or Spring. Does not include Winter Session.)
(Summer or Winter only.)

'CV' Campus Village Garage Permits

Residents of Campus Village may purchase a Campus Village Garage permit through University Housing Services. Campus Village parking permits are valid only in the Campus Village garage and at the Park & Ride Lot. Campus Village Permits are NOT VALID in the South, West or North garages. Campus Village residents are subject to all SJSU parking regulations.