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Parking Services recently partnered with Parkmobile to provide a service that allows users to pay for and extend parking sessions using a smartphone or web app. This service includes geo-fencing for guidance and wayfinding as well as customizable expiration reminders so you can extend your session remotely by phone.  For FAQs, please visit the Parkmobile App FAQs


  • Easy to register and use.
  • Save time and money by extending your parking session from anywhere.
  • Choose from multiple payment options.
  • No credit card necessary after you complete your account set up.
  • No coins/cash needed.
  • Save “Favorite” and recently used zones.
  • See suggested nearby zones.
  • Set customizable parking expiration reminders.
  • Add up to five license plate numbers on your account.
  • No need to stop at a pay station.
  • Use your account wherever Parkmobile Pay by Cell service is offered.

Get the Parkmobile App

 Download on the App Store  Get It On Google Play  Get it from Microsoft


To use the system, register online at or download the mobile app. Once registered, use the mobile app, internet, or Parkmobile’s toll free number (877-727-5730) to pay for parking (Note: if you don’t have a “smart phone” you can still set up a Parkmobile account and pay for parking by calling the toll free number).

How to Pay by App

Park in any general parking space in the North, South, West garages or in the Park & Ride lot and look for the Parkmobile sign or sticker. If you don't see Parkmobile signage, use the app to locate the zone.

  1. Once registered, enter the zone number located on stickers and signs on meters or choose from nearby zones shown.
  2. Choose your parking duration (varies by location).
  3. Confirm your information, including location, license plate, time and cost.  Please Note: Entering your vehicle information correctly is vital to the process. If you enter your vehicle information incorrectly (especially your license plate), you may be subject to a ticket. So, please double check your information to make sure it is correct.
  4. A ticker will be displayed counting down your time remaining. You can extend your session remotely.

Watch a video demonstration.

Other Payment Options

Non-smartphone users can pay with the web app or call the toll-free number on signs or stickers.

  1. Provide your license plate number, parking zone number and payment information to start your parking session.
  2. Choose to set up email or text message alerts 15 minutes before your parking session expires.

How much does Parkmobile cost? 

While there is no cost to register with Parkmobile or download the mobile app, a transaction fee of $0.35 is charged when you initiate a parking session in addition to the regularly charged $2/hour fee.  For example, 3 hours of parking purchased via Parkmobile will cost $6.35 ($6.00 of parking fees and a $0.35 transaction fee).