Tax Reform Hearings of the 114th Congress

Below are links to these hearings, categorized as follows:

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Tax Reform Hearings of prior Congresses: 115th   113th    112th     111th      110th

Look for Joint Committee on Taxation reports for the hearings listed below -

Additional tax reform links for the 114th Congress - here

Tax Reform In General


International Considerations

Estate Tax Reform

Small Business Taxation

Retirement Savings

Environment/Energy/Transportation Tax Considerations


Social Security


State Tax Reform

SFC = Senate Finance Committee        SBC - Senate Budget Committee           SSCA = Senate Special Committee on Aging          HWM = House Ways & Means Committee    

CRS = Congressional Research Service          SST - House Committee on Science, Space and Technology       SCST - Senate Commerce, Science & Transportation Committee

HSBC = House Small Business Committee     SSBE - Senate Small Business & Entrepreneurship Committee

JEC - Joint Economic Committee         JCT = Joint Committee on Taxation     CBO = Congressional Budget Office

HJC = House Judiciary Committee            SHELP = Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions          

PSI - Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations      HCOB - House Committee on the Budget              HTIC - House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee

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Additional Links

Senator Hatch's 7 principles of tax reform - see 12/16/14 press release

Senators Hatch and Wyden form 5 bipartisan working groups on tax reform (1/15/15 press release).

Senate Finance Committee Republican staff report (300 pages) - Comprehensive Tax Reform for 2015 and Beyond, with intro by Senator Hatch. Released 12/11/14.

SFC seeking input on tax reform by 4/15/15 (3/11/15 press release).

Report of SFC Democratic staff - How Tax Pros Make the Code Less Fair and Efficient: Several New Strategies and Solutions, 3/3/15

Camp's H.R. 1 (113rd Congress)  + CRFB summary and links

Senator Rubio (3/4/15) - Economic Growth and Family Fairness Tax Reform Plan

Congressman Nunes - H.R. xxx (113rd), American Business Competitiveness Act of 2014 - summary + Tax Notes article + The Hill (2/18/15)

Senator Cardin, S. 3005 (113rd), Progressive Consumption Tax Act + press release of 12/12/14.

Senator Coburn's Tax Decoder released in December 2014 before he retired.


Modifications to Income Tax

President Obama's FY 2017 budget and greenbook documents:

 FY2016 Greenbook

Budget Proposals - House and Senate - What do they say about tax reform?

Senate -

House -


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