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November 16, 1923

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  Dr. Bland is a native of California. He attended the College of Pacific, and was granted three degrees from there, Bachelor, Master, and Doctor's degree. His Doctor's degree was based on an extensive study that he made of the chronology of Shakespeare's plays. He received his Master's degree from Stanford University in English philology. Dr. Bland graduated form Stanford with the pioneer class of '95, of which Herbert Hoover was a member.

  Dr. Bland has taught in every line of public school work except kindergarten work. He established the Los Gatos high school and was principal of the Santa Clara high school. While at Santa Clara high school, he gave the school its first scholastic standing with the University of California. He has also lectured in U.C. on Western Literature. He has originated the English Clubs in the State Colleges, the first one being in San Diego.

   Dr. Bland has always been a lover of nature. He has browsed in botany, the study of birds, four-footed things and trees. He was written two books on the study of insects. His works include:

Short collections of poems.

One hundred magazine articles.

Six short stories.

Two books of poems: The Song of Autumn and Sierran Pan.

   Dr. Bland is deeply interested in the restoration of Edward Markham's home. The reconstruction work is now well on its way, and when finished it should be of great interest to everyone.

   Following is one of his poems:


Dauntless he sailed upon his magic quest

That linked the golden East and mighty West,

No monster of the deep had terror for him;

He sailed as guided by the saraphim.


The silent stars might pale and change; but he

Held the great course across the trackless sea.

What largess unto man that starry night

When the great vision broke upon his sight!


What smile benign the sun case o'er the world

When that first sail was gently, safely furied!

Boldest of sailors since the world began,

He brought the vast and precious gift to man.


The land where every one can earn a share;

Where every home has plenty and to spare,

Where man may think anew the sprit-theme,

May build again a happy Eden Dream.

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